Subspace is a Milwaukee based collective of video DJs that mix their music to a stunning array of 8-bit, pop-culture, cut-up and found footage visuals for a mind-melting AV experience. Subspace breaks the mold by spinning only the finest Chiptunes, Synthwave, Retrowave, House, Electro, EBM and more. Subspace enjoys spending time with their family @ Nice FM.

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Subspace is a collective of visual DJs that are just as at home at a live music venue as they are in the club, laying down only the most choice of beats. Subspace holds a standing residency at Milwaukee’s Premiere Goth/Industrial club (the Local Club Anything), and were the video engineers for Milwaukee’s first 2 day industrial music festival, Sanctuary Festival, and DJ’ed between sets from bands such as 3teeth and Velvet Acid Christ. Subspace has also performed with many bands at various venues, such as Symbion Project, Dashcam, the Gothsicles, Gost, Pound of Flesh, Protector 101, Luxi, and often provides backing visuals for bands they perform with.  We often provides audio and video support for local Drag Queen revues.

Subspace breaks the mold.

On the subject of visuals…

Subspace prefers the visuals they use to be “VHS” quality or below, employing multiple videos and video samples layered upon one another to offer a unique video mix at each performance. So that we can provide a better understanding of what we do and how we do it, and to also show what separates Subspace from other non video mixing DJs, we have compiled a short selection of clips from a livestream we did. This video showcases only a fraction of the audiovisual content we deliver.

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